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Devonshire Villa, 52 Stuart Rd, Plymouth, PL3 4EE

New food manufacturer SOUPYDO needed a route to market that allowed them to establish their product range with consumers fast. Soupydo make, gluten free, dairy free, low fat, vegan & vegetarian soups. Their soups contain no added sugar or salt and they are low in fat. LIFE APPS LAB devised a responsive bespoke e-commerce website with a contemporary naive, freestyle, graphic design treatment. Responsive websites are specially designed to change format depending on the device they are viewed on. This means they are ideal for viewers using mobile devices and mean there is no need to create a dedicated mobile site The new website features a full content management system and two integrated payment gateways (PayPal and Barclaycard).

Optimised for multiple mobile devices, the website caters for both trade and consumer markets. Customers can sign up and create an account where they can purchase the product and track orders.

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