Website design and development

The LIFE APPS LAB team have been building websites since 1998. In those days website were built using a system called frames and the websites were essentially like the pages of a brochure.

The next website design and development innovation was the introduction of content management systems. This allows the client to manage some of the content themselves by editing article content and adding images.

In 2004 a professional content management system cost anywhere from £10,000 to £100,000. Now it is possible to obtain an open source content management system with massive functionality for no cost at all.

Of course you will need a professional web developer to make that system into a commercial website. This means websites have reduced in cost and become more effective in terms of functionality

LIFE APPS LAB now use industry-standard content management systems for our website development projects. They are continually updated and will not leave you stranded with a proprietary system that is expensive to maintain.

Our original system development preference was Coldfusion however, this language has been in decline since 2008 and we have now invested in the PHP language which is the most prevalent and successful on the web.


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Website design and development from £500 with CODE APPS LAB Plymouth Devon