SARC website portal development.

  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre website development and design

SARC Plymouth needed a clear and concise website with a non-nonsense approach to the difficult subject of sexual assault. The site would be used by assault victims for self referral and agencies to report rape and assault cases.

Lifeappslab MD Andy Staples directed the development of a new visual identity for SARC. This treatment was adopted for the new website design commissioned by Twelves Company, who manage the SARC service. The new website benefited from an advanced web content management system and bespoke plugin for secure data transfer of sensitive material. This fully featured website can be updated and managed by the SARC team.

External agencies such as the Police and Health workers are now able to securely upload case material into the SARC website portal. This has resulted in an increase in activity across the website and better promotion of SARC’s values and aims.



SARC website build and design by Lifeappslab team Plymouth DEVON