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  • Our £500 site is ideal for small and micro businesses.

Responsive websites that will automatically adjust to the device screen

LIFE APPS LAB introduce a new range of responsive websites that will automatically adjust to the device they are being viewed like an ipad or smartphone. This means you do not need a dedicated mobile site.

Try reducing the browser size on this website or look it up on your smart phone and you will see the content adjusts to suit the device. You can also look at this website:

It does not matter what your potential customer is viewing your website on, it will adjust to make the content accessible and navigable. It is all very well having a good-looking website that works on a desktop PC however when it gets on a smart phone, unless you have a specific mobile site, all the navigation will be difficult to follow because it is so small.

This is the future of website development and combined with our graphic design skills will deliver you a super website at a affordable price. From just £500 you can have a content managed, responsive website that you can update and add pages to.

Save money; you don’t need a special mobile website. Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune to get specially optimised (and often miserable) looking mobile site for first-generation smart phone’s. Now with a responsive website you can let the application do the work and resize itself for your customers smart phone or mini tablet.
You can let us look after your website or you can arrange your own hosting and maintenance it’s up to you the technology we use is totally bullet-proof and reliable. What’s more you won’t be stuck with a proprietary system that is difficult to get fixed without paying through the nose.

Our £800 site is ideal for small and micro businesses and you can expand it to double or triple the size at no cost. You just have to write the content and find the pictures it’s as simple as that.

If you’re going to get a new website make sure your it is responsive and works with mobile devices. Sales of PCs and traditional laptops are collapsing and touch screen tablet browsing and smart phone use is in the ascendancy so, don’t lose out on business; make sure your website is a responsive website.

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We use PHP programming now which is the most used language on the web and the least cost to run in our experience.